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I Am Starting a New Adventure In 2022: Building 12 Projects in 12 Months

I Am Starting a New Adventure In 2022: Building 12 Projects in 12 Months

Building micro-SaaS in public

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Robin Martijn

Published on Nov 29, 2021

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Today, I resigned from my job as a CTO. A job that pays pretty well and is fun to do. After a few years of building stuff for my boss, it's time to start building products for users. I will be building 12 projects in 1 year, all in public.

Micro SaaS

To achieve this, I will be focusing on developing micro SaaS applications. Projects that can be built fairly quickly (in 1 week or less) so that I have time to set up stuff around the project. Stuff like a website, information about the product, marketing efforts, a way to receive income, et cetera.

Not every project will be successful, far from that, probably. But by building 12 projects, I hope to build 1 that sticks. 1 that actually solves a problem more users are encountering. The only way to find out so quickly whether a project is going to work or not is with input from the community. From you guys.

Therefore, I will build all projects in public. I will write about the techniques I used, the priorities I set during development, things I learned, the finances surrounding the project, the effect of my marketing efforts, and more.

Goals for 2022

Of course, I'm not going into this year empty-handed. I have some goals for myself, which I will of course share:

Build 12 projects

So, my first goal is to develop at least 12 projects. A project is a vague concept to me. I consider something a project if I can publish it and if users (can) use it. My goal is to make micro SaaS. I then want to either make those profitable or sell them through MicroAcquire , for example.

However, a project can also be something else, such as a very useful website. If a business model could be made of this, I would be satisfied.

Earn at least $50,000

This is the amount that I at least want to make. This amounts to nearly $4,200 per month. This is a lot of money, but certainly not impossible.

With a $50 per month product, this number has been reached at 84 paying users per month. At $100 per month, that works out to 42 users per month. For consumers, of course, that's a ridiculous amount, but for developers and businesses it's not too bad. $100 is a saving of 2 to 3 hours per month. That's achievable.

I will also likely need other sources of income in 2022. Therefore, I am going to try other projects, such as developing digital products - such as e-books - or freelancing.

Publish a book

This brings us to the third goal: I think it would be incredibly cool to publish an e-book or two. I consider myself an expert on Laravel development, but of course, I also have the perspective of my work as a CTO. I think there are some fascinating things to come out of that, and it seems really cool to write a book about that.

What exactly this book is supposed to be about, I don't know yet. I'll also let that depend on developments throughout the year. Maybe it will be a book about the best way to develop a micro SaaS, once I have mastered that.

Monthly post

I hope to write a lot more now that I have more time, but I want to write at least a monthly blog post. In it I will then describe the following things:

  • The amount of money I made that month and how I did it
  • A description of the project I worked on that month, and what the statistics surrounding it are
  • The next project I'm going to do

So in addition to this monthly post, I hope to make regular posts. For example, about things I learned or things I noticed.

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Ideas are welcome!

Do you have an idea you think I should really work on? If so, let me know! I would like to work on projects that really move people forward. Let me know what you are up against or what you would really need.

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